Why The Teams Hub

Why The Teams Hub.

Team model of VA services for the price of one

We offer the best VAs at plans that will first into everyone’s budget. Our main objective is to help busy and creative people like yourself free up some time. With our VAs we are helping bring order to your chaos. Our VAs are skilled and experienced. Once you sign up you will get assistance in accordance with your requirements and needs. To ensure that you get your perfect match we employ 100+ people of different skillset. Their experience varies. And we will match you with your assistant based on your requirements and business needs. 

Getting into your shoes and looking through your lens

One of the reasons we are able to perform better than the rest is because we understand. Every client is valuable to us. And to ensure that we give you the best assistant. We understand your business needs. How do you ask? We simply put ourselves in your shoes and look through your lens. In simple words, we study the market you are in, and your business model. After careful assessment, we list out your needs. And, match that with our VAs. and we offer you the best and most suited assistant for your business needs. 

  • Our assistants have 10+ years of experience and understand the nerves of every industry. 
  • We thoroughly verify every detail before hiring our VAs. They go through the various channels of recruitments, and their backgrounds are verified before welcoming them on board. 
  • Our VAs are highly professional and have diverse skillsets. They are trained to perform their task with excellence in the minimum time possible. 

 The teams hub’s VAs providing exceptional support 

Our VAs can help you in several ways. Providing support is their job profile. When you sign up for a VA. you get a dedicated assistant that you can contact any time of the day. Your VA is responsible for completing your tasks. But that’s not all. With our VAs you can do so much more. 

  • Our VAs can fill in as backup support

Are any of your team members on a long leave because of personal issues? Are you looking for temporary support until your team member is ready to get back? Our VA is perfect for you then. The dedicated VA can fill in as your temporary support. He can perform all the tasks you want. This way your operations won’t have to suffer. And you won’t have to go through all the fuss of hiring someone new. Also, if you decide to hire our VA permanently you can do that too. So the choice is all yours. 

  • Emergency Support

If you have taken a project with a tight deadline. And you are worried that your team needs external help. We can lend a hand in it too. We can provide you multiple VAs who will work hard and with determination. They will be an extension of your current team. and together they can help you complete the project within the deadline. So, if you find yourself in a bit of a problem. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help, we will provide the best VAs for support. 

  • Our VAs can be your dream team

Are you looking to assemble a team that can help your business grow? Then we can offer multiple VAs with different skillsets. We can offer VAs specializing in different roles like content marketing, web designing, customer support, etc. And you can assemble a team of experienced members on a budget. Together your team will brainstorm new ideas. And come up with the latest strategies that can help your business grow. You also won’t have to worry about supervision either. We will appoint an account manager (free of cost) to ensure that all of our VAs are working in sync. 

Our VAs working in supervision 

If you are worried about your VAs slipping out. Or not getting your work completed on time. Then we can help. All of our VAs work from our well-supervised office. You can contact them anytime and they will listen to you. The VAs are supervised. And we also keep a track of all the work they are doing. Our account managers are appointed for supervision only. They keep the project on track and ensure that all the deadlines are met. Our VAs have access to all the latest tools and technologies too. They use these tools to ensure quality results. 

Based in the US

Our company is based in the US. This gives our company an advantage over other companies. We understand the local market of the US and have insights into all the industries. This is why employee talent has all the right skills to help your business. Our VAs are fluent in English to make sure there is no problem in communication. We train them to polish their skills and prepare them for their work. Our VAs are team players and have no problem in staying in touch with your in-house team. With intel from your in-house team, they work accordingly and help your business grow. 

Transparent pricing model 

When you associate with us and signup for our VA. our sales team will discuss the pricing firsthand. We won’t charge you for anything else. And we promise that there are no hidden costs as well. You only pay the discussed amount. There is no cheating and no additional cost from our side. Our pricing model is fair and transparent. And if you like you can see our plans listed on our website.

Our skill & expertise

Our expert team
skill and expertise.

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Experience design. 98%
Business development. 90%
Content writter. 96%
Motion graphic. 88%