About Us

I built this team for our own business initially

If you are a business owner, by now, you would know how hard it is to hire the right talents who actually want to work. 

I am sure you would have tried several methods to hire the people you wanted with not so much luck. I have been there done that. 

My first four businesses failed thanks to not having the right people on my business. Not only that I lost a ton of money, but I lost four years of precious time too. 

I focused only on hiring people for one whole year. I held several meetings and got to know each of my potential employees personally before hiring. After a rigorous hiring process, I got around 25 people on board.

I came to know from the Bible that we are strongest when we work together in unity. Where there is oneness, there would be prosperity and success. I hired team-players who love to work with others to get things done. The very next business I started became a huge success. In the last two years, I started four more businesses and hired people with the same process. All are successful. 

One of my business buddy also was struggling with building the right team for his business and requested me to help out his business with our team. I provided a couple of my employees to help him out temporarily. 

After a month, I met him again. Not only that he didn’t want to give back my employees, he wanted to have three more employees too. Apparently, he was about to shut his business, thanks to our employees’ efforts, he made some profit out of his business first time in seven months.  Now that, he tasted how it feels like to offload his work to the right people, he didn’t want to go back his older life anymore. Instead, he wants to have more of what he has now. Also, this guy told my other business friends about our team and how they helped his business make a profit. 

The very next day, I got several calls from my buddies requesting help with their businesses. I realized it’s not just me, almost everyone has been struggling with the same problem – not able to hire the right people. I expanded my team to help them out too. Several years later, we have been helping out 1049 businesses with our team now. 

Marwan Adams

Project manager

Hamzah Harmon

Front-end engineer

Ranveer Peacock

Back-end engginer

Mollie Almond

UI/UX Designer